Whether you need a Minor Service or a Full Service ARV Mobile Mechanic in Kempston can come to you and perform the service saving you the inconvenience of having to get your vehicle to the garage and then picking it up at the end of the day. Book your car service online now or give us a call on 07841 615048! You will not be disappointing.

Why should I have my Car Serviced?

Below are a few reasons why ARV Mobile Mechanic in Kempston should service your vehicle:


Your car may feel ok, but that doesn’t mean it is working as well as it should be. Wear and tear is a gradual deterioration of components, which may not be seen or felt. Having your vehicle serviced can help to identify potential problems before they become more serious. When ARV Mobile Mechanic perform a service we will make sure that essential checks are carried out to critical components such as your brakes and suspension to make sure that these are in good condition.

Save Money

Not only can you save money by not suffering serious problems as above, but regular car servicing can also save at the petrol pump. New components such as engine oil and air filters make the engine run smoother and a more efficiently. Checks on tyres, particularly their inflation, can also improve fuel consumption by reducing rolling resistance.

Life Span

Having your vehicle service regularly will improve the life span of it.

Maintain Value

A vehicle that has been serviced regularly and has all the stamps in the book, will command a better resale or trade-in value than one without. This is especially important in the competitive UK second hand market.

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For more information about our car servicing options or if you are looking to book a car service please call ARV Mobile Mechanics in Kempston on 07841 615048 or send us a message using our Online contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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